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Methods of recovery of the liver after hepatitis and its treatment

Hepatitis is a serious liver disease, significantly damaging its protective function. Is it possible the restoration of the liver after hepatitis? This question is asked by many patients.

What are the different types of hepatitis

The disease hepatitis can be caused by effects on the body of viruses, infections, toxic agents or autoimmune factors. Liver inflammation leads to scarring of its tissues, disease cirrhosis. There is the probability of transition of disease in the form of a malignant tumor.

Today medicine knows 7 virus of this disease. It viruses: A, B, C. D, E, F and G. the First five are thoroughly studied. Many of them can find information in lectures, articles, reference books, literature.

Строение печени

One of the most essential for the liver is vitamin E. It protects the cells of the body from the effects of negative factors. Thanks to this vitamin-charged hormonal balance and supports immune system. Lipoic acid can be called vitamin-like compound. She is responsible for the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Special attention requires vitamin a reserves are stored in the liver. In the process of the disease the amount of this vitamin is drastically reduced. Without consulting a doctor, do not immediately resort to the pharmacy this drug. It might be enough to add to the diet of cod liver oil or fish oil. The fact that excess of vitamin A adversely affects the liver.

Can not do without b vitamins and vitamin C.

Physical culture

Of course, an active lifestyle can only improve the General condition. But you should avoid significant physical exertion at the initial stage of recovery.

Be aware that after illness the body is in a weakened state. Hiking, Cycling, swimming, yoga classes in the early stages of recovery will bring huge benefits.