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How to use rhubarb for hepatitis?

Rhubarb hepatitis used in folk medicine for many centuries. This disease is chronic in nature, so for any person suffering from this disease must not only change the whole diet, but also to get used to the fact that drugs will be a constant companion for the rest of his life. They need to prolong the periods of remission that will allow the patient to live in peace.

To combat disease can be used not only drugs that are prescribed by a doctor, but use the experience of folk medicine. The use of rhubarb in hepatitis allows no side-effects and few contra-indications to improve condition of the liver, improve the immune system of the patient. Applied rhubarb root, which contains medicinal substances.

Useful components are also in the plant's leaves and stems. Recipes of traditional medicine enable you to use this representative flora for the creation of a drug not only to heal the sick people, but also for the prevention of disease with the aim of increasing the period of remission.

How to organize the collection of roots of rhubarb?

The use of rhubarb for medicinal purposes contributes to a drastic improvement of the condition of the patient with hepatitis. To obtain a positive and persistent effect of the use of this plant should be with great caution to approach the selection of its parts.

Ревень для лечения гепатита

Pour a tablespoon of the obtained powdered raw materials a glass of water and put on fire. After boiling the solution then remove from heat and cool. Then, the resulting mixture should drain. To take the drug before eating half a Cup four times in 24 hours. This medicine is highly effective in the case of diagnosing a patient of hepatitis B.

The second recipe from the Arsenal of folk medicine. The roots of rhubarb dried and milled in a mortar. Take 2 tbsp of the obtained powder mass, pour 2 cups of water, put on fire and simmer on low heat for 1/3 hours. The resulting broth to cool and strain. Take broth 1 tbsp. l. before eating. Drink water it is not necessary, but recommended to eat honey, typed in a small spoon for tea. This recipe remedies are most effective for patients with hepatitis A.

The third method of manufacturing hepatitis medicines. Young petioles four plants clean from fiber, cut it into individual shares, and then rinse in cold tap water. Squeeze the juice, pour into sterilized 0.5 liter glass jars, propasterizovat, roll up and put in storage in a cool place. The obtained drug recommended for use inwinter cure for 14 days.

It preventive measure allows you if there is a patient of hepatitis periods of remission to increase to twice.

The effectiveness of the roots of rhubarb tested folk medicine for centuries. With regular use of drugs based on this plant as a prevention or for the treatment of patients significantly improves the condition of the liver. This allows in most cases to improve the patient's quality of life, and in some cases completely get rid of the disease.