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How is antiviral therapy (AVT) for hepatitis C and the recovery from it?

Antiviral therapy for hepatitis C is the most effective in the treatment of this disease. Hepatitis C is called the heavy form of viral hepatitis. Initially the disease was transmitted only by blood transfusion, but with the spread of drug abuse she became addicted to hit using one syringe. Infection to occur the virus must enter the bloodstream.

Treated or hepatitis C?

When it detects the first signs of hepatitis should immediately go to the hospital: the sooner treatment begins, the greater the chances of a cure and recovery. Hiding out at home, you deprive yourself a chance at life. Treatment of chronic hepatitis b needs to do a qualified doctor-hepatologist. Many doctors, because of the large demand for such treatment, can tackle the virus, but perhaps they have enough experience and information about modern methods of treatment of this disease.

The newest products, the components of the treatment regimen for hepatitis C was invented relatively recently, and the experience of their application have only few Russian specialists. The most experienced in this field are Hepatology who took part in the international trials, in which treatment is administered. To date, all of the best practices of hepatitis C in Russia is concentrated in several specialized centers.

The ultimate cure for hepatitis C is possible, but it will have to put a lot of effort and patient, and his family, and attending physician. Treatment of hepatitis C, like any other illness originates from a thorough study of the problem. The only way to determine the type of the disease and its phase, to check the condition of the liver, and develop a treatment plan that will meet the situation.

Modern methods and ways of therapy

Currently the hepatitis C treatment based on integrated antiviral therapy.

Консультация врача

The duration of treatment is determined individually in each case. The average duration of taking the drugs for about a year. In the calculation takes into consideration everything, even the seemingly insignificant factors that is what can affect the process of eliminating disease. Is there life after the OEM? Need to say a few words about side effects. The treatment of such complex diseases using the HTP has its side effects.

Usually young patients are well adapted to the drugs, and treatment is uncomplicated. Ribavirin is generally well tolerated. Sometimes there may be destruction of red blood cells, mild dyspepsia, headache or increase in the percentage of uric acid in the blood. Intolerance to ribavirin -it's pretty rare.

In the treatment this drug as interferon, the side effects will in any case, but they can be predicted. The first injections cause patients something like the flu. The condition is characterized by fever, chills and muscle pain. This malaise will last for a month. It was during this time the body adapts to the interferon. On the second or third month will decrease the concentration of leukocytes and platelets in the patient's blood.

This process needs to be carefully monitored your doctor. The decrease in the concentration of these cells can lead to bacterial infections and bleeding. The doctor can, if necessary, reduce the dose or stop taking the drug until the time of restoring the blood to normal. The patient should month to appear in the doctor and pass the necessary examinations. Other side effects of interferon can be depressed mood, resulting in depression, dry skin, hair loss and reduction of body weight. In some cases, can hurt thyroid function. Treatment must be under the supervision of a specialist.

This treatment is contraindicated, if:

  1. You suffer common severe disease.
  2. If you have experienced transplantation of lung, heart or kidney.
  3. You have an autoimmune reaction to the interferon.
  4. You have thyroid disease that you had not treated.
  5. The patient is pregnant.
  6. Patient less than 3 years.
  7. Patient intolerance to the components PVT.

Recovery of the HTP can take place in different ways. Complications can arise in the form of painful reaction, for example, in some food products. In the event of such problems you should immediately contact your doctor. Already 2 weeks after the end of therapy state of health and mood should improve, will begin to disappear cosmetic problems.

The fight against such diseases as hepatitis C, will require a lot of time and labor. The main thing is not to give up and not give up. Detection of this disease is not a death sentence. The possibility of cure and recovery is a scientifically proven fact, not disputable.