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Signs and treatment of viral hepatitis b in children

Some of the disease the child have similar symptoms of hepatitis in children. These include colitis intoxication or poisoning food. Babies sometimes have a yellow color to the skin. But it was only a harmless hepatitis in newborns or as people call "jaundice". This symptom disappears after a short amount of time and unlike viral hepatitis consequences for the health of the child is not responsible. But infectious hepatitis leave unwanted effects. What are the signs of viral hepatitis? What treatment is effective?

What are hepatitis?

Viral etiology of hepatitis has long been studied in medicine and in practice the designed treatment. Despite this, today it is quite a dangerous liver disease. There are several studied medicine types, which differ at the molecular and biochemical characteristics. The risk of developing this disease is so high that, according to the world Health Organization, some types of hepatitis (b and C) included in the top ten of death in the world.

The most common form of this infectious disease. Described virus of this group And it is named after the doctor who first described it in the 20th century. The incubation period of this type of hepatitis from 7 to 21 days. Symptomatically, it resembles the flu. Treatment is usually sparing use, and recovery occurs quickly.

Hepatitis b can be transmitted from mother to infant. Often the cause of the disease is the use of non-sterile medical instruments, or syringes. Symptoms similar to the flu, but marked pain in the joints and nausea. Hepatitis In children is characterized by a change in the color of urine and stool discoloration. In some cases, you may receive the itching and rash. During the ultrasound examination, an increase in the spleen and liver.

Передача гепатита ребенку через рукопожатие с носителем болезни

Excessive anxiety, refusal to eat, discolored remnants of feces on the diaper and a sharp smell, very partial list of symptoms that can alert in this case. An additional symptom may be fever.

Therapy in children

The child should limit the intake of spicy and fried dishes. From the diet exclude legumes, fatty meats, salt, soda, pastries. As diet used decoctions of rose hips, honey, fruit and yogurt. Food is consumed in boiled or steam form. In the child's diet using lean chicken, Turkey, beef.

These restrictions apply during treatment and rehabilitation period (3 months). Asdrugs used vitamins C, A, b, alagol and flamin. Instead of tea you can use the decoction of the herb immortelle, corn stigma and a bit of sugar with honey. In order to maintain the therapeutic effect of honey is not need to add it to boiled water. So its healing properties are lost. After treatment, the child is in the dispensary clinic for 6 months. He is released from physical education classes for one year and from other physical activities. In any case, it is important to remember that the treatment of hepatitis in children depends on the timely treatment to doctors.

Only a detailed medical history and biochemical tests will allow the specialist to make the correct diagnosis and determine further treatment.

Be healthy!