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Are hepatitis a, B, D, G sexually?

If hepatitis is transmitted sexually, the main question being asked by people who are a carrier of the disease. In Greek language, hepatitis means liver. This disease occurs in chronic or acute form and affects an extensive part of the liver.

What forms of hepatitis are there?

The acute form is of natural origin. Often infected with viruses can be in the water or food and to hit the human body strong poisons. Intoxication leads to impairment of liver function, increase body temperature, in addition, changes in the blood. With timely treatment in medical institutions of the disease can be completely cured. If you are delayed or belated appeal of its form can develop into chronic.

The chronic form is the result of poisoning strong poisons for a significant period of time. Most often, the poison is alcohol and vodka - "green snake". This can lead to liver cirrhosis, cancer and chronic viral hepatitis b, C, D.

The route of transmission of viruses of different types

Hepatitis a - a virus that enters the human body through the mouth. Sources of contamination can be dirty food, water or hands. The infection may accumulate on the fur of the animals, and get into the human body in violation of the rules of hygiene. The consequence of this disease is jaundice, which affects the gastrointestinal tract and intestinal mucosa.

Беспорядочные половые связи - причина заражения гепатитом

In addition, the hepatitis are: alcohol, drugs and hepatitis in case of poisoning industrial poisons. They all have one characteristic: come from an overdose of various harmful substances. Therefore, before you self-medicate, be sure to seek the advice of a specialist. Don't forget to undergo annual medical examination and take blood to check the presence/absence of hepatitis in the blood.

The affected area of the virus extends to the male sperm.

Thus, hepatitis in semen is clearly present, and conception becomes virtually impossible.

If conception occurs, carry and give birth to a full baby is not possible. So, before you have sex and engage in sexual intercourse, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination for both partners.

Strictly remember that unprotected sex and promiscuity can lead to disease hepatitis, which is then treated for a long time and forever leaves a mark on Your liver and gastrointestinal tract.

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