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If hepatitis is transmitted while kissing through saliva?

Is there any hepatitis through saliva? Direct transmission of the disease will depend on the type, each of them has a number of features development in the body. In some cases will not be diagnosed with no symptoms, while others, on the contrary, there are vivid manifestation.

Transmission of the disease through saliva is possible, if the patient discovered the hepatitis b and A. in order to cause a hepatitis C infection must occur before a transfusion or the exchange of infected blood. Hepatitis b is transmitted mainly through saliva in case of oral contact with a carrier of the disease.

The symptoms of all forms are expressed identically, but there are a number of features that cause the same destructive processes in the liver.

The route of transmission of hepatitis A, b, C

The main source for the spread of saliva. Hepatitis b - a disease that is transmitted sexually, through kissing and through the exchange of various body fluids.

The most common methods of transmission are French kissing and oral sex. Transmission occurs through saliva. Generally, hepatitis b is not transmitted through ordinary kiss, because in this case there is no exchange of saliva.

In order to minimize the risk of disease, it is necessary to outline the basic ways of its transmission and to minimize the number of sexual partners, which can be carriers of the disease.

During intercourse it is advisable to use barrier contraceptives (condoms). To prevent diseases it is necessary to ask your partner about his disease, and only on the basis of the information obtained to draw a conclusion about the intercourse.

Вирус гепатита в слюне

The greatest danger is other people's toothbrushes. The bristles may remain microscopic particles of blood and act as a source of the virus. If the patient does not care about the health of those who live, or hide from all of his diagnosis, he jeopardizes not only his, but also the health of others.

Protected sexual intercourse can not bear any risk for both partners, but innocent kiss (in the case of wounds in the oral mucosa, small irregularities in the gums) may contribute to formation of favourable environment for the transmission and development of disease.

Hepatitis is a disease that is a danger not only for liver but also for the entire body. Modern medicine is constantly developing new tools that would help to minimize the negative effects.

In Western countries conducted large scale studies that simulate possible situations of infection through salivary glands. Such a possibility cannot be ruled out, however, in order toto get infected, you have to really try.


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