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Causes, symptoms and treatment of acute viral hepatitis

Acute hepatitis attributed to severe diseases of the liver tissue that have infectious or toxic nature. The speed of propagation of the disease depends on its form. Acute hepatitis affects the liver suddenly, and the prognosis very difficult to predict. Even properly prescribed treatment does not give any guarantees. Acute hepatitis is so unpredictable that can develop into a chronic form, can lead to death or complete recovery. It affects both children and adults. Therefore the medical supervision at a specialized clinic is very necessary.


The liver is a unique organ that cleans the blood of man. Therefore, all that is in it, goes to the liver and retained there. Various viruses and bacteria circulating in the blood, easily penetrate into the liver. They are parasites in it, reproduce in large numbers and start to eat the healthy cells, releasing toxins. Depending on the nature of the virus, doctors divide hepatitis into several types. These include:

  • acute viral hepatitis;
  • epidemic hepatitis A or E.

Беспорядочные половые связи - причина заражения гепатитом

Disturbed appetite. After some time there is pain in the right hypochondrium. It resembles a dull tingling or tremors. Over time, the pain becoming aching in nature. The skin, sclera of eyes become yellow. Nausea turning into vomiting. The patient has a disorder of the chair. Cal becomes grayish-clay color, and urine is brown with blood.

The patient seems that the entire skin is covered with small rashes which are very itchy. There is a symptom of fear of light, feeling dizzy. Palpation can detect increased size of the liver.

To diagnose the disease helps ultrasound, biochemical analysis of blood. These studies indicate that the blood of a patient suffering pathological changes. Activity component ALT in acute hepatitis exceeds the norm by 100 times.

With these symptoms required immediate hospitalization and high-quality therapy.

Treatment of acute hepatitis b

Lightweight and form the average severity of the disease, in which there is moderate intoxication, do not require intensive treatment with medications.

Apparent symptoms of intoxication removable drip introduction of the following medications:

  • glucose solution;
  • reopoliglyukina.

Important role in the treatment is diet, which is prescribed to patients with mild hepatitis. In the menu avoid food that contains sunflower oil, vinegar, salt, alcohol. The numbercalories that should be consumed patient with acute hepatitis should not exceed 3000 calories. In the intervals between meals should be consumed a large amount of fluid. Norm - not less than 3 liters per day.

The first two weeks patients prescribed the maintenance of strict bed rest.

Severe disease should be monitored in intensive care. There spend infusion therapy and correction of diuresis. Interferon preparations administered intramuscularly in the first 7 days of symptoms of acute hepatitis. Its dose is 2 million IU. This drug is very effective in case of intoxication. With it much faster is icteric period. The process of interferonogenesis stimulation and synthesis of prostaglandins increases many times. All these changes in the human body contribute to its rapid recovery.

In protracted recovery period therapy continue for 60 days.

Of great importance in the treatment of acute hepatitis is prevention.

With this purpose, throughout the world are immunized young infants and children up to 18 years. Used for this recombinant vaccine. It is quite effective. According to medical statistics, only 1-2% of vaccinated children Contracting the disease. Vaccine administered in the thigh muscle (anterolateral) three times. For the first time - at birth, the second month after birth, then after 6 - 12 months. The vaccine has a very good performance. In the body 90% of vaccinated people form a strong protective titer of antibodies.


Compliance with all the stages of therapy will help to maintain health and to protect the liver from a terrible viral disease.