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Latest drugs and treatments for hepatitis C

New treatment hepatitis C to date, will be available for patients. Hepatitis C is a common disease that causes a virus that infects liver cells and leads to severe forms: cirrhosis and cancer. The risk for this disease are primarily those who are directly in contact with the blood of others, because the main route of infection - contact with blood of a sick person.

Features of the virus

Any damage to the skin opens the way to infection. Tattooing, manicure, body piercing, dental work, any surgical intervention, incomplete or incorrect handling of tools - here are the potential options to be in the area of the virus.

By the way, with sexual contact the risk of contamination is minimal unless there are violations of the integrity of the mucous membranes, and it is not the period of menstruation.

The virus is spreading rapidly in the body in view of the fact that often occurs in a latent form without symptoms.

Формы протекания гепатитаTreatment regimens prior to 2000 was to use the standard interferons. The patient received regular intravenous or intramuscular injection, and the treatment took about a year. Drugs-interferons act on the patient's body, through its immune system, by encouraging the body to fight the virus.

Later came the drug Ribavirin, the active ingredient which inhibits the causative agent of hepatitis C. it has Been observed that intake of Ribavirin with interferons greatly increases the effectiveness of treatment regimens.

Over the past year, scientists from Russia, America and Europe presented the latest developments for the treatment of viral hepatitis C. In Russia was registered the first drug that does not contain interferons: Vicara Pak. It is a complex of four components, which is well tolerated by patients and has a direct impact on the pathogen of the virus. In addition, a new cure for hepatitis C can be used in patients with liver cirrhosis that was a contraindication in the scheme with the interferons.


Clinical trials of the drug Viceira Park showed its high efficiency in the fight against the virus, about 90%. And there are practically no contraindications and side effects compared to the high toxicity of the interferons, are minimized. And duration of treatment was reduced from one year to 12-week course.

Similar in action to German Sofosbuvir also showed good results in the treatment of hepatitis C. Its composition has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects on the body. Such treatment can benefit patients with any stage of the development of the virus. Doctorswe recommend the use of Sofosbuvir in the treatment of, for example, together with the same Ribavirin. The course of treatment, as in the previous case, lasts about 3 months.

Although this drug is not without contraindications and side effects, its development and implementation reflect the occurrence of great changes in the practice of the treatment of viral hepatitis C. Conduct of interferon-free therapy is the new treatment for hepatitis C has been waiting for patients in Hepatology centres, which gives them hope for recovery in the specified time.

The introduction and use of new methods in light of the problem of hepatitis will allow doctors to greatly facilitate the treatment process, thereby increasing the percentage of full getting rid of the causative agent of the virus in the human body.

Empowerment prevention will be even greater incentive for the masses to prevent infection with the virus and not to invest heavily in treatment. Moreover, modern laboratory equipment and ultrasound equipment allow us to survey in a comfortable environment and diagnose the problem in the initial stage of its development. The results of ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and blood test for antibodies will be key to your peace of mind and confidence.