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Is it possible to completely and permanently cure hepatitis C?

Many people are concerned with the question: is it possible to cure hepatitis C? Such diseases as hepatitis C, manifested infectious process in the human body. It occurs as a result of getting the virus in the blood. Often the disease becomes chronic and to a certain point does not manifest itself. The lack of symptoms for a long time leads to irreversible pathological lesions of the liver.

This is because the virus is able to multiply inside the liver cells, it is also very volatile. Today there are 11 genotypes of the causative agent of hepatitis C. This disease is dangerous for its asymptomatic, so people do not go to the doctor is not getting proper treatment. The virus gradually destroys the liver cells, for years, lives and multiplies in the liver cells. Several years after infection there are serious violations in the work of the liver can develop cirrhosis or liver cancer. Despite the fact that this disease is very dangerous, now there are methods with which to cure hepatitis C it is possible to completely more than half of the patients.

Ways of infection

Transmission of the virus resemble HIV. The main ways of infection:

  1. Through the blood. It can be people who have had a blood transfusion from an untested donor.
  2. Negligence of health workers at blood collection or transfusion, inadequate sterilization of medical equipment.
  3. In organ transplants.
  4. Sexually.
  5. From mother to child during childbirth. Breastfeeding is possible if no wounds or cracks in the nipple. In the breast milk virus not.
  6. At risk are drug addicts who share syringes and needles, prisoners (this is facilitated by the conditions of stay, lack of basic personal hygiene, a decrease in the level of immunity).
  7. During the execution of body piercing or tattoos with the help of those tools, which were particles of blood of the patient with hepatitis.
  8. The use of razors, manicure sets, toothbrushes, together with the sick person.
  9. Health workers are at risk of developing, conducting any manipulation of blood and its components.

Повышенная температура при гепатите С

Contraindications for antiviral therapy are such factors as:

  • the presence of mental disorders;
  • the use of drugs or alcohol;
  • pregnancy;
  • depression;
  • related pathological changes in the body (diabetes, Oncology, disorders in blood, hormonal disorders);
  • allergic reaction to componentsdrugs;
  • cirrhosis of the liver in a stable form;
  • acute or chronic hepatitis, not associated with infection (drug, alcohol).

The treatment of the disease

In the case of testing positive for antibodies to the causative agent of hepatitis C, no doubt about possible symptoms of the disease should immediately consult a therapist. The doctor will prescribe the necessary additional tests and in case of confirmation of the diagnosis will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. All doctor appointments should be carefully performed. Food should be correct. It is necessary to refuse products which can load the already damaged liver. From hepatitis C are treated by such a doctor like a hepatologist. Maximize the effectiveness of the treatment is achieved with the help of drugs.

Some people are concerned about whether to treat hepatitis C with folk remedies? The answer is unequivocal - no. Traditional treatments for this disease are ineffective. Therapy depends on disease severity. The treatment is based on integrated antiviral therapy. With timely treatment it is effective. Its effectiveness is evaluated by repeated analyses of the blood, which are indicators of virus activity should be reduced. But in order to get rid of the disease forever, need long-term treatment. With proper treatment and compliance of all appointments positive dynamics is observed in 70% of patients.


With the help of drugs based on interferon, comprehensively appointed with hepatoprotectors, ribavirin may cure hepatitis C or to reduce the activity of the virus in the body to a minimum. The person appointed special injection that stimulates the immune system medications, this needs a strict diet. It is forbidden to eat foods that negatively affects the liver. Also, when therapy should regularly conduct tests to monitor the dynamics of the disease.

We can summarize that the hepatitis C like any other hepatitis, a treatable disease.

It can be argued that with proper and timely treatment, adherence to doctors appointments, nutrition therapy brings a positive result.