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What are antiviral drugs includes the treatment of hepatitis B?

Not everyone knows how organized the treatment of hepatitis b, drugs and duration of therapy. Hepatitis is a very common disease worldwide. Anthroponoses is a viral disease with primarily parenteral transmission mechanism that affects the liver tissue. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from hepatitis B. More than 300 thousand people are carriers of the virus. They are of great epidemiological danger to others. Hepatitis B can cause acute and chronic forms. A disease characterized by different mechanisms of transmission: artificial (when performing medical interventions, blood transfusion), contact (sexual contact with a sick person, household way). Infection is possible during childbirth.

The most common symptoms of hepatitis are:

  • loss of appetite;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • slight fever (in acute form);
  • pain in the muscles;
  • yellowness of the skin;
  • nausea;
  • bloating.


Treatment of hepatitis B is available only after the examination of the sick person. Diagnosis includes the identification in blood of HBs-antigen and specific antibodies to the virus, biochemical blood tests, liver ultrasound, urine test. After the detection of immunoglobulins against hepatitis B, the doctor is the treatment regimen. Therapy must be comprehensive. Treatment involves a strict diet, refusal of alcohol, dosing of physical load, detoxification, the use of antiviral drugs. Specific drug therapy when acute hepatitis is not required. The disease resolves on its own. Antiviral drugs are prescribed only for chronic hepatitis. All medications must be taken strictly on prescription. Treatment of folk remedies does not give the desired result.

Аспаркам при гепатите

Diet should be followed during the acute period and during remission. Should be excluded from eating spicy and oily food, pickles, smoked meat, carbonated water, soft drinks, ice cream, bacon, butter, pastries, fatty meat. It's necessary to eat small portions 5-6 times a day. You want to reduce the consumption of meat products, cheese, eggs, fish caviar, tomatoes. In severe cases (cirrhosis of liver) in the absence of effect from conservative therapy may require liver transplantation.

Preventive measures

Allocate specific and non-specific prevention of the disease. In the first case, vaccination can be arranged. Vaccination against hepatitis B in Russia is a partnational calendar of preventive vaccinations. The first vaccination is done at birth. Nonspecific prevention aimed at the basic mechanisms and ways of transmission of the virus. It involves the screening of donors at blood donation, blood quarantine, observance of rules of asepsis and antisepsis prior to medical manipulations, personal hygiene, use of barrier methods of contraception, sterilisation devices for the production of tattoos, with the exception of direct contact with someone else's blood, abstinence from alcohol. Hepatitis B untreated can become chronic and cause cirrhosis.