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The incubation period, symptomatology and therapy of hepatitis C

To answer the question how long is the incubation period of hepatitis C, let us consider in more detail what constitutes this disease. This liver disease infectious nature, which is caused by the virus of hepatitis C. its Main characteristic the ability to consider genetic changes and mutations.

The symptoms and signs of disease

The main difficulty of diagnosing hepatitis C virus is that the symptoms in the course of the disease, which is usually detected in a random way. The incubation period for hepatitis C varies from 1 month to a year. While symptoms may not immediately manifest itself even after that period, their manifestation becomes apparent only when serious liver damage.

Рибавирин при лечении гепатита С

Protection through vaccination against HCV does not exist, so the essence of prevention is reduced to the following precautions to avoid infection:

  • it is recommended to abandon the use of other people's shaving, manicure tools;
  • you must follow the hand hygiene, to control the use of disposable syringes, needles, and other instruments in medical and dental institutions;
  • avoid unprotected sexual intercourse.

During the handshakes, hugs, airborne droplets, sharing utensils such as clothes, utensils, food, drinks etc. infected with hepatitis C does not occur.

Transmission is only possible after contact with blood hepatitis C in the blood of healthy humans.