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Compatible hepatitis C and pregnancy?

Whether hepatitis C and pregnancy compatible? This question is of interest to many women not only recover from this disease, but susceptible at the moment. Modern medicine is so to a consensus did. However, we can say that the disease can have a number of specific consequences:

  • the appearance of the baby born earlier than your scheduled time;
  • the child may have parameters less than based on the normal;
  • parents have for their newborn to provide special care.

Features of hepatitis C in pregnant women

This disease is often the result of improper hygiene. For example, a woman, visited a Barber shop, where not carried out proper sanitation equipment.

A very important point of body weight. The fact that overweight always complicates available diseases. If a woman is pregnant and besides weight, has hepatitis C, then it is a high risk of developing gestational diabetes.

It is worth noting that in this disease the mother has no effect. Therefore, the complications in most cases are not observed. Of course, pregnant with hepatitis C often have to take the tests and be under more strict supervision of a physician. This is because hepatitis C during pregnancy may give complications such as hypoxia, or even cause miscarriage. If childbirth with hepatitis C were normal and the baby was born healthy (unlike his mother), it can be easy to feed breast milk. The disease does not pass from mother to child, as he has other ways of distribution.

It happens that the disease is masked behind the symptoms of cholestasis and preeclampsia. Accordingly, the woman is prescribed the wrong treatment, which can only be complicated. If pregnant previously suffered from hepatitis and has recovered or is still sick, but the doctor-gynecologist must observe infectious disease.

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And it is very dangerous, because hepatitis C is fraught with irreversible consequences, resulting in cirrhosis or liver cancer. But symptoms in women in the position may occur in the following conditions:

  • worse overall health, the woman begins to be tired from even minor activities;
  • it constantly tends to sleep, if I slept more than 8 hours, that drowsiness still;
  • can occur nausea, but gagging as such will not (unless the woman suffers from morning sickness);
  • appetite may be reduced or completely absent;
  • in some cases, weight loss is is set.
  • one of the rare but significant symptoms is discomfort or pain inthe right upper quadrant;
  • the skin may be covered in a rash of uncertain nature.

In the manifestation of any symptom pregnant must urgently contact your doctor. Of course, it may be another disease, but it must be present. Even the simplest cold can have a number of undesirable consequences, ranging from hypoxia and ending with miscarriage.

What to do about a future mother?

If the woman still was diagnosed with hepatitis C, she should understand that now bear and give birth to the child she will have a few different. There is also a role played by the overall health of the expectant mother. Throughout the pregnancy the doctor controls the viral load, as it affects the risk of transmission of the virus to the baby: the higher the load, the more likely the infection of the fetus.

If a woman is sick with HIV, then the probability of disease transmission is higher. Important methods of examination of women. For example, in such situations, almost no use of prenatal diagnosis, as there is a risk of transmission of the disease in utero. If you can not make a diagnosis otherwise, the woman must necessarily familiarize with the consequences.

Be it acute or chronic form of the disease, doctors have not concluded whether the disease is at such moments as:

  • unplanned abortion - a miscarriage;
  • the birth of a dead foetus;
  • onset of labor before the scheduled time;
  • defects of internal organs in the child.

With regard to preventive measures, then every woman should remember that hepatitis C is transmitted through blood. Even if a pregnant woman has in her blood this virus, it does not mean that her sex life is over. It is necessary now to take care of the issue of contraception. It is also worth remembering about home path of infection. You must have individual things: towel, tableware, toothbrush, comb, etc. In the case of even minor injuries should be carefully treated wounds, it is possible to get infected or infect someone else.


Delivery and feeding: features

If a woman is sick with hepatitis C, it does not mean that she cannot choose the method of delivery. It is believed that in such a situation it is best to apply a caesarean section, as this greatly reduces the risk of infecting the baby. But even if you use this method, 5.5% of babies still being infected with. Each infected pregnant woman has the right to become acquainted with such data, so she could make the right decision. If a woman does not want to use a cesarean, the doctor has no right to insist and to push her.

The choice of delivery affects the outcome of viral load.

When testimony 1000000 copies inml, again recommended a C-section. If the birth will be natural, that in no event it is impossible to use obstetric manipulation.

As for feeding the baby in the first place there are a number of studies that have proved that even if mother's blood and detected RNA pathogens in her milk they absent. It means that natural-feeding is completely safe for the baby. But mother's milk, in addition to such a virus may contain other infections, for example, t-cell lymphoma.

Every woman is always the right choice: how to give birth, where to give birth and to feed if the baby's chest. But, to get it right, a pregnant are obliged to inform of all the risks associated with hepatitis C.