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Hepatitis C and alcohol: the dangerous combination and what are the consequences?

Hepatitis C and alcohol: effects from this combination can be very tragic. These two factors have similar destructive effects on the body and can seriously worsen the condition of the liver. It is important to remember that hepatitis should not drink alcohol in any case. In any quantity. It should be deleted absolutely.

In case of ingestion of ethanol affects liver cells, after which they are gradually replaced with connective tissue. Such a replacement leads to development of liver cirrhosis, followed by the last stage of the disease cancer. This is the final stage of the disease because after her liver dies.

If you drink alcohol With hepatitis C, liver cancer develops very quickly. In this known cases where even 10 g ethanol containing liquids accelerated the development of the disease and cause irreversible consequences.

The combination of hepatitis C and alcohol spurred the development of the patient's severe stages of the disease. Fibrosis, cirrhosis, liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) is virtually guaranteed. If you try to exclude from the use of alcoholic drinks, harmful effects on the body decreases, the process will be long, slow and can take 40 years or more. It is almost a lifetime. But here's the background on the acceptance of alcohol the disease is accelerated.

Употребление алкоголя при гепатите С

A healthy lifestyle

Alcoholic drinks contain a certain amount of ethanol. With its disintegration, the formation of acetic aldehyde, having a destructive effect on the body. This is especially true of the liver. The process of intoxication is carried out whenever alcoholic beverages of any kind to get into the stomach. If not to stop the man in time, persuading him to give up drinking, gradually, this addiction kills liver cells and leads to death.

For successful treatment it, should categorically refuse the use of vodka, beer and wine. If you have to cope with already developed disease, an important stage of the disease. Much depends on the General condition of the liver. To improve health, will need to observe some rules:

  • to fulfill all the requirements of the attending physician;
  • strive for a healthy lifestyle;
  • to completely abandon bad habits.

Attentive to their own health will help to restore a weakened immune system, to organize the work of the body and cope with the disease.