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Specifics of diet for hepatitis C

Diet for hepatitis C - the first necessary condition of effective treatment of this disease. Very often, sticking to a healthy diet, a person suffering from hepatitis C and started to feel better, and the disease proceeded quietly, without much complications. Hepatitis C is a very serious illness that requires patient compliance with proper and healthy diet. After all, what you will eat during the course of disease, depends on his health and speed recovery.

A few important facts about hepatitis C

It has long been known that, when the disease is just beginning to emerge, medical professionals try to give more time to the patient and in fact his illness. This allows you to start timely treatment, to avoid collective infections, and to use the most effective methods of treatment.

Hepatitis C is a very "tricky" disease, unlike other types of manifestations. It leads to destructive consequences inside the human body, which very much affected the liver. This later develops cirrhosis of the liver, and subsequently appears, and cancer. This disease is difficult to treat. Most people who suffer from hepatitis C, your whole life has to be on a strict diet in order to avoid deterioration of their health and to maintain the disease at an early stage of development.

A few years ago was produced by the special antiviral medications. Unfortunately, their price category makes it impossible to buy medicines for everyone. Besides from taking these drugs are not the most pleasant side effects. There have been several instances when these drugs did not exert any positive effect on the human body.

Зеленый чай при гепатите С

What vitamins to pay attention

For patients it is very important to obtain a sufficient number of fortified products that would help to support the immune system. The first thing to pay attention to the following products:

  1. Herbal teas, including green.
  2. Crumbs of wheat bread or not so fresh pastries.
  3. Vegetable soups and fruit. They especially contain a lot of vitamins.
  4. Chicken, fish, beef.
  5. Very useful porridge made from rice, buckwheat and oats.
  6. Porridge based the pumpkin. It can be cooked with rice and milk. It is quite tasty and healthy.
  7. Very useful eating bananas and vegetables, grated on a grater.
  8. Boiled onions.
  9. Oil and butter.
  10. Freshly squeezed juices based on fruit and vegetables.

In addition, healthy salad of fresh greens anda vegetable stew. Follow a proper lifestyle and stay healthy!