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Feeding habits and diet for hepatitis b

Diet for hepatitis b is one of the elements of an integrated approach to the healing process. This form of hepatitis is considered to be one of the most serious types of jaundice. In medical practice, a disease called serum hepatitis. This is because of Contracting the virus is possible through contact with it in the blood in relatively small quantities. The disease can be transmitted sexually, from a pregnant woman the unborn child, with medical manipulation not sufficient sterile instruments, including injection.

The main symptoms of the disease are the appearance of the severity and characteristic of pain in the liver area, fever, weakness, lethargy, headache, pain in muscles and joints, upset his chair, and nausea, accompanied by vomiting. Quite often there is a yellowish hue of the skin, which occurs as a result of contact with blood is not processed by the liver bilirubin.

The acute form of hepatitis often has a viral origin and can also result from toxic poisoning of the body. The clinical picture reflects the deterioration of General health of the patient, showing overt signs of intoxication, and violations of the functional characteristics of the liver.

Диета при гепатитеIf you adhere to this diet there is a significant improvement of secretion. Meals for a couple, may also be baked or boiled foods. Strictly prohibited the use of fried foods, even as an exception.

Conclusion on the subject

Hepatitis are shown plentiful drink, and as a medicinal drink often appointed a decoction of rose hips.

Very useful is the use of a watermelon. Due to the large amount of glucose is the berry has the ability to perfectly cleanse the liver, heal the body. Watermelon flushes your body of toxins and harmful substances. So, the liver clears much faster.

Of course, it is an undisputed fact that in this case much depends on the severity of the disease. But if it so happened that the season of ripening watermelons coincided with the disease, then the opportunity should not be missed. In addition, they can be used for treatment prophylaxis.

Nutrition in hepatitis plays a significant role, and to stick to a certain diet should be for a long time after recovery. Diet in chronic hepatitis is appointed basically for life, but for anybody not a secret that after an apparent aggravation of the disease sticking to it, not all. But it should be understood that the first step in case of deterioration of health is strict diet.