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What is the danger of hepatitis C and its complications?

How dangerous is hepatitis C ? This question is raised by patients who were given such a scary diagnosis.

The epidemic of hepatitis C virus

Characterized by high susceptibility to HCV - hepatitis C virus:

  1. The world health organization notes the enormous scale of HCV prevalence in the world. The increased incidence is increasing. About 150 million people worldwide suffer from this disease.
  2. Approximately 500,000 people die each year from liver disease related to hepatitis C. research is Underway, but currently the vaccine for hepatitis C is not established.

Пересадка органов - причина заражения гепатитом С

Secondary pathology in the chronic form

Most often develop serious consequences of hepatitis C:

  1. In the process of liver regeneration is a replacement of normal organ tissue connective. When these scars becomes much a segment of the liver stops working. This leads to complications. There are signs of liver failure: edema, bleeding, disturbance of hormonal regulation. Symptoms of cirrhosis of the gland, which affects 15-30% of patients with HCV.
  2. These complications develop in 56-85% of patients after 20-30 years after infection with the virus. Then fairly often hepatocarcinoma.
  3. The disease adversely affects the reproductive system. Patients suffer from sexual disorders. Sexual function is impaired. Breast enlargement, impotence - sexual impotence often marked in men.

Whether dangerous to others: patients with hepatitis C? Yes, the risk of infection is very high. Increases the likelihood of complications. The real threat of disability of patients.

Observance of rules of personal hygiene will help to maintain the health of the liver.