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What drugs treat gardnerellosis (cardenales, bacterial vaginosis) in men and women

Although gardnerellosis not considered to be dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, and its treatment is still necessary. Otherwise followed can join the many other infections such as trichomoniasis and chlamydia, get rid of that much harder. Therefore, upon detection of gardnerellosis important to find effective drugs and tablets for both partners to avoid complications.

The selection of specific medicines for men and women made by a doctor based on the cultures and antibiogram.

Determination of susceptibility to drugs

For example, if the Gardnerella sensitive to "Metronidazole" ("Triopoly"), its colony dies. But if sustained, continues to grow. In this case investigated the sensitivity to "Liberal" ("Ornidazole"), "Tinidazole", "Terginan and other drugs until you find one to which the bacterium is sensitive.

Conditions of effective therapy gardenista

Although bacterial vaginosis is not usually associated with the sexual way of transmission, during treatment you should avoid sexual relations. This will prevent the transmission from men to women and Vice versa-resistant bacteria. Even if the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are manifest only one of the partners must both be treated.

In addition, for the treatment of men and women can be used for different drugs. For example, "Ornidazole" with "Clindamycin" one of the partners and Macmiror" with "Tinidazole" for another. To bacterial vaginoza not create immunity, so if one of the partners not on the pill, the effectiveness of the treatment of the other is reduced to zero.

The harm of self-treatment

To prescribe drugs for the treatment of gardnerellosis, such as "Ornidazole", "Clindamycin", "Geksikon" or "Macmiror", should only be a gynecologist or a urologist.

Self-treatment by douching or using only one "Teriana" or "Geksikon" often exacerbates bacterial vaginosis. This is because prolonged use of antibiotics and antiseptics develops a Gardnerella resistance, but does not kill them. As a result, after some time the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis return, but subsequent treatment may be ineffective.

For men in the absence of symptoms allowed only local treatment candles on the basis of metronidazole (trichopolum) in combination with immunotherapy. But for women the only topical application of candles is not enough. Require the use of pills "Liberal" or "Terginan with antiseptic preparation "Macmiror". Only a combination of local and General funds will result without subsequent relapses.

The scheme of treatment of gardnerellosis

трихопол при гарднереллезеThis combinationcomponents allows you to simultaneously kill pathogenic flora, to prevent the development of fungi and to arrest the symptoms of the disease.

Analogous to the "Teriana, but for local use is considered "Klion D". It combines two components: metronidazole and miconazole. Thus, it has protivotrihomonadnyh and antifungal activity. Available in vaginal tablets that put daily at night.

Antibiotics: Clindamycin"

"Clindamycin" refers to the group lincosamides. He has a fairly wide range, by acting not only at the Gardnerella, but also the staphylococci, amoebas and other gram-positive flora.

"Clindamycin" is available not only for oral intake but also in the form of suppositories and gel for local application. Although its use is undesirable during pregnancy, a teratogenic effect has not been proven. In the appointment of this drug for pregnant women, preference is usually given to the candles.

Drugs antiseptics: "Macmiror" and "Hexicon"

Although antiseptics group nitrofurana do not have such a pronounced effect as antibiotics, they have much less side effects. In addition, they are backing a group of drugs. They are used when all other tablets have Gardnerella a resistance. Available in tablets, is also effective against fungi and Escherichia coli.

For topical use in gardnerellosis effective drugs chlorhexidine. One of them is "Geksikon". It comes in the form of a solution for douching and vaginal suppositories. This drug is effective not only for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, but also for its prevention. To do this, use the solution "Geksikon" not later than 2 hours after a casual intimate relationship.