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Causes, symptoms of eye chlamydia

Such diseases as chlamydia of the eye symptoms do not manifest immediately. The disease is triggered by bacteria, which easily enter the human body. Chlamydia infection is often manifested in the form of urogenitale chlamydia, which is sexually transmitted. The result of the influence of the stimulus occurs the defeat of the genitourinary system. The causative agent of urogenital chlamydial infections can affect not only the reproductive system but also other tissues and organs. Ocular chlamydia usually occurs in children, in adults, the disease is rarely seen.

Causes of eye chlamydia

Eye chlamydia is a danger to the whole. The disease affects the optic bodies. The bacteria initially reside in the urogenital system, and then they move to another area. If a person has a weakened immune system, there is a high probability of Contracting this disease. According to statistics, 30% of cases of infection caused by exposure to protohominid chlamydia. Microorganisms enter the eye household waste. If you are already infected person does not comply with the rules of hygiene, chlamydia can easily penetrate into the mucous membranes of the eyes. Being in public should be careful to avoid any contamination. Often necessary to wash hands with soap and water.

Хламидии - причина хламидиоза глаз

The disease can have an incubation period that lasts for months.

When the first signs of infection, it becomes visible on the first or second week of the disease. Initially the person experiences discomfort in one eye, then both. In the presence of this disease the mucous membrane of the eye gradually becomes reddish. Difficult blinking, sensitivity to light is enhanced, there is a strong lacrimation. Chlamydia of the eye accompanied by inflammation of the lymph nodes that are enlarged. It is important to detect the disease and conduct treatment, otherwise the infection may spread to the Eustachian tube.

If the patient has the acute form of the ocular chlamydia, symptoms are visible clearly: there is swelling of the eyelids, tears can be detected purulent discharge, eyes are red, the cornea is affected. The chronic form occurs in rare cases. It is important to identify the disease and to undergo treatment, modern medicine allows. The cause of chronic type may be illiterate use of antibiotic and antiviral drugs. To make a diagnosis, the doctor prescribes the appropriate laboratory tests. For detection of the disease is necessary to make scrapings of the conjunctiva and examine them for the presence of bacteria.

In the diagnostic processyou will need to test your blood. It is necessary for the detection of antibodies to the stimulus. In the treatment process, antibiotics are used in the form of ointments. It is important to follow the doctor's recommendations: this will allow to get rid of the disease.