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Catering for chlamydia

Catering for chlamydia does not imply any serious limitations. Absolute prohibition applies only to dairy products. Patients should care of strengthening the immune system and to adhere to the principles of separation of power. With this system the nutrients and vitamins will be appropriately absorbed by the body.

The occurrence of the disease

Infection in the body, they can only get sexually. Infection by household is completely excluded, because chlamydia does not "live" in the environment and quickly die when heated to 90 degrees.

Classic course of the disease is not accompanied by any symptoms. Symptoms begin to appear only when complications arise: inflammation of the prostate in men, ovaries and fallopian tubes in women. However, it should be noted that pain in the lower abdomen and frequent urination may not be. The patient may feel perfectly healthy. This dangerous disease, because the occurrence of tumors of the reproductive organs or infertility can be a complete surprise.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosing chlamydia is very difficult. Doctors know the different treatment regimens. But in any case, it is necessary to use antibiotics. In addition they are appointed immunomodulators, in the case of inflammation - UHF and ultrasound. The treatment regimen is selected individually, depending on the disease and General condition of the patient. Pregnant patients prescribers and completely safe to the fetus.

макропен при лечении хламидиоза

The basic rule to be followed by patients for the treatment of chlamydia, a complete rejection of all dairy products. This applies not only to milk and yogurt. This list includes butter, cheeses, yoghurts, mousses, curds, ice cream and other foods, which include milk. Failure to comply with this important rule will result in an increase in the number of lactic acid bacteria in the body. Because of this, chlamydia may increase antibiotic resistance. In addition, the result of a combination of antibacterial drugs and dairy products in the body may develop a goiter. A no-no is alcohol and carbonated drinks.

The diet should be drafted in such a way that it was always vegetables and fruits. Especially those which contain large amounts of vitamins C, D and E, and calcium. In addition to the "vegetable" food, the diet should be low-fat fish, meat, grains and cereals. It is also good to eat fresh berries: strawberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, black currants.