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Excretory programma a doubling of the kidney

Presented the excretory programme noted a doubling of the Cup-pelvis-plating system (black arrows), the doubling and extension of the lumen of the ureter on the right.

This malformation is the second in frequency of occurrence after dystopia (abnormal location of the kidney), more often affecting girls. This can be complete, as in our case, and incomplete, when both the Cup-pelvis-plating system connected with the bladder by means of only one ureter.

Complaints and symptoms may only occur during the development of the pathological process in the renal tissue and the urinary tract.

If no complaints, laboratory results within the normal range, then such a patient simply see.

The complex survey usually includes:

  1. OAM, urine in General, the sample of Rehberg, analysis according to Nechyporenko;
  2. Ultrasound of the urinary tract and renal arteries;
  3. Excretory urography;
  4. Cystoscopy and ureteroscopy;
  5. MRI (CT) when indicated.

Unfortunately, pathology is often accompanied by reflux of urine, violation of the outflow, it may leads to frequent pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, hydronephrosis, and chronic inflammatory process. In this case, your doctor may be recommended surgery for preventing reverse current of urine.

In the most difficult cases not amenable to conservative tactics can be gaminiratne and nephrectomy, the removal of the defective part or the entire abnormal kidneys.