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Features symptoms and treatments for HPV infection in women

The human papilloma virus in women is one of the genital infections that are very common in modern society. Feature of HPV in women is the fact that if a long time not to use drugs for its treatment, it is likely that it will grow into a cancer, then hospitalization and surgery will be inevitable.

HPV in women can occur at any age, a mandatory condition is puberty and sexually active. Sooner or later in my life every second woman is faced with the papillomavirus. The good news is that it is not always the papilloma virus progresses and causes cancer, in most cases it is destroyed by the immune system of the woman.

Ways and means of infection

There are plenty of ways of transmission of HPV to women, to be precise, the 120 variants. 40 of them are manifested as a consequence of unprotected sex. Types of HPV in women that got unprotected sex, as a rule, immediately mutate in erosion or dysplasia. The human papilloma virus in women can occur after vaginal sex, through oral sex and contact with secretions from the genital infection is much less. Although it is safe to say that HPV in women can develop after the kiss. This is the most frequent source of infection. Often transmission of human papillomavirus in women occurs in the process of childbirth.

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HPV infection in pregnancy

We should address the subject of infection of women with human papillomavirus during pregnancy. The fruit of the papilloma virus does not impact in any way and has no effect on its development. The only fact is that a newborn will be infected with HPV during passage through the birth canal women.

If papilloma impressed with the cervix of a pregnant woman, she can offer the option of cesarean section. If warts on the internal organs no, the birth can occur naturally, and the course of treatment the symptoms of HPV will be postponed to the postnatal period.

Prevention of HPV is to use condoms during sexual contacts with unfamiliar persons of the opposite sex. This kind of contraception gives 99% protection from all sorts of viruses and infections. Today, there are special vaccination, its use prevents the development of infection in case of contact with the body. Among the most effective drugs for vaccination may be noted Gardasil and Cervarix.

Additional precautions:

  • observance of rules of personalhygiene;
  • healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, this helps to keep immunity at a high level;
  • constant intake of vitamins and moderate exercise;
  • minimizing the number of sexual partners, monogamy reduces the risk of infection with human papillomavirus dozens of times.

Now you know what it is papilloma, and will be aware of the impact of this virus if you have unprotected sex. It is much wiser to prevent the development of such a serious disease that causes the papillomavirus, than then long to eliminate its consequences and to take medications. Don't neglect their health and that of your sexual partners come timely medical examinations and always be aware of changes in your body.