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Detected HPV 31, 52, 56 types: what is it, treatment, and surveillance women

Often, the gynecologist appoints a testing for HPV type 31 in women: what it is, many patients don't know. Until then, until it detects certain problems feminine because of the presence of this type of papillomavirus in the body. The fact is that the human papillomavirus type 31 is able to cause the development of precancerous and cancerous diseases of the genitals for both women and men. In particular, in women it triggers neoplasia 2 and stage 3, the cancerous state of the cervix. However, apart from this type of virus to cancer of the female genital organs often lead to other types of HPV. And even a lot of activity in this belongs to the 16 and 18 types. Cancer can cause some other types of HPV of high oncogenic risk (for example, HPV 45, 52 type 56 or type).

What kind of dangerous viruses, which contact the organism should be deleted for sure, next will be covered in more detail.

What does HPV infection?

The acronym HPV stands for human papilloma virus, or papillomavirus (HPV). Infection by this virus is currently very common. The infection is sexually transmitted. The main threat to health from HPV prolonged exposure of certain types of virus in the body can lead to malignancy of the tissues of those organs, where a localized agent. HPV and the herpes virus-or HIV - all different concepts and different infections. Although they all belong to the group of viruses and can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. However, symptoms, and consequences of these infections are completely different.

Вирусы повышенного риска

In case of positive result of the analysis on a virus of papilloma high-risk need colposcopy and biopsies of the cervix.

Based on the results of additional research, the doctor will conduct a compulsory consultation on further action.

Women 65 years old:

The last two tests for human papilloma viruses high-risk and recent PAP smears within normal limits can no longer be examined. Because at this age the risk of malignancy in the cervix is negligible.

How to prevent the appearance of the virus to the woman?

If you adhere to basic recommendations, then the risk of HPV infection will be reduced to zero. What kind of tips?

  1. Frequent change of sexual partners a woman should have to protect your body using barrier contraceptives - condoms.
  2. Significantly reduce the risk of HPV permanent monogamous sexualrelationship. So it makes sense to focus on one sexual partner.
  3. To be vaccinated with the drug Gardasil or Cervarix. The efficacy of Gardasil observed against HPV types 11, 6, 18, 16. And Cervarix helps protect against 16 and 18 of HPV.

Don't neglect these guidelines often take the necessary tests and women's health everything will be all right.