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The types of tests for HPV (human papilloma virus) in men and women: how to undertake and decrypted?

The analysis of HPV for rent on the recommendation of a doctor. Papilloma refers to a chronic infectious disease, the causative agent which is human papilloma virus. For each virus of this group is characterized by a certain sequence number.

Medical indications

Analysis on the HPV take to detect infection in women and men. The disease is sexually transmitted through broken skin or mucous membranes. The virus can be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth. At risk of infection disease doctors include:

  • individuals who previously started to conduct a sexual life;
  • individuals having 2-3 sexual partners;
  • anal sex;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • condition after an abortion.

Consider the disease contributes to the appearance of warts bowenoid papulosa and disease Bowen. If a virus is detected in the female body, then you can receive genital warts. The disease is without symptoms, which is dangerous to the female body. Therefore, future mom is better to get tested for HPV prior to conception. Otherwise, you may develop cervical cancer. If necessary, pregnant donate blood. If the rate of red blood cells is broken, then conducted additional testing and appropriate treatment.

Передача ВПЧ половым путем

A similar diagnosis applies if you have warts. The number of HPV in the patient can determine if there are any warts on the background of a short-term decline of the immune system or chronic long process.

Prior to carrying out PCR diagnostics, takes a scraping from the cervix or urethra. Specialists should exclude the intake of antiviral drugs, sex, alcohol consumption, and carrying out therapeutic interventions on the organs of the reproductive system. Before testing are carried out hygienic procedures. Such a diagnosis determines the infection, not the body's reaction to its introduction. This feature allows PCR to determine the papilloma in the incubation period when there are no symptoms of the disease.

The rules of delivery of sample

The method is a high-tech study, which requires strict adherence to instructions. Material for the study collects the doctor. Transcript analysis is done by laboratory. Often, a positive test does not indicate the presence of the disease. False positive results can be obtained if contaminated material during withdrawal of the deceased papillomas of the human body.

The causes of false positive result physicians include:

  • failure to comply with the requirements before delivery of the material within 60 min is notpee);
  • improperly taken sample;
  • douching or use of vaginal plugs;
  • supplementation;
  • deep localization of the virus in the organs of the reproductive system.

For the colposcopy, a special microscope is used. To use it to study the appearance of the cervix. By increasing image specialist may consider individual parts of the problem area, involving loop-the blood capillaries. Problem areas are treated with acetic acid. This procedure aims to spasm of capillaries. Warts acquire pearly white shade. Before staining the cervix are presented in pink color. This effect has only considered a disease.

For the colposcopy, the doctor may use Lugol's iodine. It allows you to set the exact boundaries of pathology. In this case, healthy cells stained with Lugol's solution, and pathological - no. A common research technique in the detection of HPV is biopsy. This method will eliminate the probability of developing cancer. The doctor takes tissue from the patient's body, staining them with dyes. We then investigate.

The types of biopsies include Cytology and histology. In the first case, the doctor examines the changes in cells caused by the papillomas. The selection of cells produced from the surface of the cervix. This technique facilitates the detection of cancer at an early stage.

For histological studies will need to take the cloth. Experts studying the structure of each cell and the arrangement of layers, as of fabric. Such information allows timely identification of cancer pathology.

Methodology Digene-test

Using this technique, the doctors determine the DNA fragments of HPV. This diagnostic method is widely used in medicine due to the high reliability and ease of use. Digene-test allows to detect the presence of a malignant tumor in the collected material. When you receive a positive result, an additional inspection. This result indicates the presence of the 1st or more malignant types of HPV. The physician may not accurately set the number of types of the virus.

If the analysis for HPV is negative, then the virus is absent. Otherwise developed cancer. Specialist pre-selects the method of identifying infection.

An effective method of treatment for HPV does not exist.

Treatment of the disease is the use of special preparations, the effect of which is aimed at fighting the progression of the disease. If the immune system of the patient is high, then the virus is suppressed or eliminated without additional therapy.A comprehensive treatment of the papillomavirus is directed:

  • mechanical removal of genital warts and warts;
  • to increase the immune system.

Prevention of disease is vaccination. After gynecological examination, the doctor can get the patient material for the HPV test. Cervical need to remove vaginal discharge. To do this, use a gauze swab. Inside, we introduce a special brush. It is necessary to scroll 3 times around the axis. Due to such movements at the ends of the brushes remain epithelials. The material tested in the laboratory on the content of this infection.