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What to do if a man no morning erection?

Morning erection is a normal physiological response, an important criterion for male health, completely natural process. Normal men at night repeatedly experiencing this condition. At night during sleep, they have 3-5 erections. Night swelling of the penis are often concerned about teenagers and their parents, who believe this phenomenon is a deviation from the norm. If no morning erection, is always a reason for concern among men.

What is an erection?

This vascular mechanism that occurs when the reflex spasm of the veins. At such moments, the blood is pumped through the arteries into the tissues of the spongy and cavernous bodies. In tissue cells occurs pressure, the penis regains elasticity and firmness. If a man is constantly occurs a spasm of the arterioles, the pumping takes place with great difficulty. As a result, the erection will be weak or missing.

Normal physiology

This is a complex process:

  1. Normally, a sleeping person constantly alternate between phases of slow and fast sleep. In the morning, these phases become shorter. The person feels rested, relaxed, if his night has been replaced at least 4 cycles of sleep and he woke up in a rapid phase.
  2. During the slow sleep phase, which lasts about 1.5 hours, the information received by the brain day is being processed. All reactions of the brain during this period of sleep correspond to the daily responses to external stimuli. A fast phase is called paradoxical sleep. At this time people see the bright colored emotional dreams, a combination of unprecedented events, dreams with erotic elements.
  3. In normal paradoxical sleep lasts about 20 minutes. During this condition the body for maximum muscular relaxation combined with a high degree of brain activity. The pulse quickens, noted the intense neural activity, there are a variety of dreams.
  4. Men have involuntary erection occurs during the night this active physiological process. Approximately every 1.5 hours in men of young age occurs blood filling of the penis. After awakening morning erection disappears spontaneously. With age, its frequency reduced to two times, the length is somewhat reduced.

Схема возникновения эрекции

The causes of the violations

Reduced testosterone secretion:

  1. After 40 years, men develop this natural process. Disorders in the male reproductive system can cause low testosterone levels.
  2. Older men often say that missing of involuntary morning erection.

Bad habits:

  1. Regular consumption of alcohol, high calorie and smoked foods increasesthe acidity of the body. It disrupts the reproductive system. As a result of drinking beer that is rich in female hormones, suppressed production of testosterone, it converted into estrogen, the female sex hormones.
  2. Testosterone is inhibited by estrogens. Regular alcohol consumption causes a testosterone deficiency, reduces the amount of morning erections and their quality.
  3. An eating disorder that leads to obesity. Atherosclerosis impedes normal blood flow. Sclerotic plaques interfere with blood to penetrate through the artery into the body of the penis.
  4. Regular Smoking leads to chronic spasm of the arteries of the reproductive system. Men who smoke often find that missing a morning erection.

The defeat of vital organs:

  1. Cardiovascular, endocrinological, neurological disease. Defeat erectile tissues of the penis cause coronary heart disease, diabetes.
  2. Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine affects night swelling of the penis. Hypertension narrows the lumen of blood vessels, increasing blood pressure. Therefore, when pathology of the heart in men often no morning erection.
  3. Chronic fatigue syndrome, depressive disorder, fatigue adversely affect night erection. You can suspect the development of these ailments, if the man suffers from a constant lack of sleep, not getting pleasure from usual activities. If missing a morning erection in men should consult a neurologist. It will determine the causes of depression, give recommendations on lifestyle, mode of labor activity and rest, will prescribe the necessary medications.
  4. Taking certain medicines. The lack of an erection in the morning often leads to the use of antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers, drugs that expand blood vessels, reducing blood pressure.

After an interrupted REM sleep male detects spontaneous night erections.

Don't need to worry too much if I lost morning erection.

Night swelling of the penis is not an indicator of dysfunction or normal sexual function. However, the lack of morning erections in men is celebrated in the pathology of various systems and organs. You need to contact the doctor to undergo a thorough examination.