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The best antibacterial and antiseptic preparations for the treatment of urethritis in men and women

Traditional treatment of urethritis in men, the drugs which can be selected individually for the treatment of each patient, gives in most cases positive results. Urethritis - a fairly common disease. What is surprising is that it equally found both in men and women.

What is urethritis? Is an inflammatory process in the urethra, a kind of offshoot from the bladder and connecting with the hole at the end of the penis (naturally, this applies only to men, while the girls have channel ends lead sphincter). Despite the fact that the most common cause of the disease is an infectious inflammation, with urethritis antibiotics are prescribed not always. First, the "culprit" inflammation can be the same virus, and even physical damage to soft tissues (for example, when too active, and frequent sex), getting crumbs salt and stones from the bladder and kidneys.

The types and forms of urethritis

So, conditionally urethritis is divided into:

  • infectious;
  • non-infectious.

Interestingly, the hearth the inflammation can occur even in the urethra, and nearby organs and then the tissue is transferred, including, to the urethra. Treatment of urethritis for the most part is simultaneously used for the exposure and suppression of the infection in the urethra (it may be a virus, for example, gonorrheal group, or fungi). The only medication for the treatment of the disease there.

Монурал для лечения уретрита

Do not forget also that the patient will have a daily change of underwear and boil it. That is, if we are talking about an infectious or mycotic urethritis. This is done in any case, even if it is receiving MONORAL.

Possible consequences and complications

If time does not deal with the treatment of urethritis, in men, may occur infertility or reproductive disorders, impotence. Moreover, such effects will arise regardless of the age of the patient. Still need to figure out that the antibiotics for urethritis should have a wide range of actions. After taking is strictly prohibited for a certain time to try to have kids (meaning, to have sexual contact without protective equipment).

If the treatment process has been used homeopathic medicine, it could affect a temporary dysfunction of the penis. That is, the man is simply not able to be excited. But this is normal as the medication is influencing on somatico, reducing the symptomatic manifestation of the disease.

Womenurethritis is dangerous because it can lead to infectious lesions of the reproductive organs. Quite often even in the early stages of the disease is the infection of the ovaries, appendages.

Especially dangerous is in the early stages of pregnancy, when will be disrupted hormone production. This is what often causes spontaneous abortiona of the fetus. However, some antibiotics for urethritis in women is contraindicated, as they penetrate through the placenta into the baby's body (and so having defective and immature immunity). Selection of tablets in this case is the task of the gynecologist and the therapist. Sometimes a girl is placed on the preservation of the hospital to prevent negative consequences for the child.

Often for the treatment of active urethritis used "aggressive" medication. Antibiotics for urethritis even if effective, but have a whole lot of side effects. Such drugs, for example, is Doxycycline, which is generally strictly forbidden to use minors.

As the statistics shows, urethritis sooner or later get sick to 45% of men. If for medical assistance contact immediately at the appearance of the primary symptoms, in most cases you don't even have to take sick leave.

The same applies to women, but they have urethritis often occurs before 25-30 years (apparently because of a violation of elementary sanitary-hygienic norms and the use of low-quality underwear).