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Why do I get and how dangerous the tone of the uterus during pregnancy in the third trimester?

Among the deviations from the normal tone of the uterus in the third trimester is the most common. Normal course of pregnancy all nine months must be in a relaxed state of the muscles of the uterus.

The meaning of tone and its norm

The tone of the uterus is called uncontrolled spasms of the walls of the uterus which can cause miscarriage. Increased tone when carrying a baby does not always lead to its loss, there are other possible scenarios. The uterus is a hollow bag, the component of muscle tissue and having the ability to increase in size during pregnancy, and has to contract during childbirth. A relaxed state of the muscles of the uterus gives the mother no problems carrying the fetus.

Gynecologists equate such a state of anomalous phenomena because of the increased intrauterine pressure, which can lead to hypoxia of the fetus and deviations in its development. These pathologies require timely action to prevent an unplanned birth or abortion. If this happens in the 3rd trimester, there is a big chance to save the life of the baby, but you will need to put a lot of effort for the nursing.

Токсикоз как причина тонуса матки в третьем триместре беременности

When the diagnosis is assigned a sedative and relieves spasms drugs.

Additionally it is shown to the use of drugs magnesium and vitamins B6. Treatment usually brings a positive effect. But we should remember that to resort to self-medication in order not to hurt the baby. Sex life and physical activity in this period is absolutely contraindicated.

If you remove the tone of the uterus cannot be permanent and paroxysmal pain, accompanied by blood smears, the woman immediately hospitalitynet. After the hospital survey assesses the condition of the walls of the uterus and the baby. Measures are being taken to ensure the patient complete rest, assigned funds to restore the balance of hormones, sedatives and tinctures (motherwort, Valerian), and vitamins both oral and intravenous. Recommended dropper magnesia, injections, no-Spa and papaverine.

Additional treatment measures serve as a fortified food, a therapist and reflexology.

How to help yourself without medication?

To remove the tone control is possible without using medication. One of the easiest ways is considered exercise "Kitty":

  • starting position - standing on all fours, focusing on elbows;
  • raisinghead and deflection of the back;
  • freeze in this position for 5 seconds;
  • a leisurely return to the starting position.

The exercise is done 3-4 times after that it lie for at least an hour. A positive result tetraccline the muscles of the face and neck, breathing must be performed mouth smoothly and quietly.

Not superfluous to drink a Cup of soothing tea herbs lemon balm, motherwort, peppermint and Valerian. Should not abruptly get out of bed after passed the tension, you need to give your body to recover.

Preventive maintenance does not require much effort. It is necessary to minimize physical activity and emotional distress. It is desirable to adhere strictly to the order of the day (pay special attention to full sleep), to comply with the recommended diet. A prerequisite is regular visits to the gynecologist, a leading pregnancy. The woman carrying the baby, is obliged to completely abandon bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, drugs.