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What drugs need to be taken in the tone of the uterus: tablets and candles?

Different problems can stand in front of a pregnant woman. When the tone of the uterus that make? What medication will best fit the particular occasion? What drugs have a minimum of contraindications? The answers to these and you can find below.


In classical literature the question of "tone" is seen quite often. Diagnosing such problems begins with the very first consultation, the physician who leads the pregnancy.

Specialist during the survey finds out what body parts to disturb the expectant mother. Often there are complaints about abdomen, lower back and sacrum. To determine the main symptoms and prescribe the necessary treatment is very important at the slightest deviation, immediately contact the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Польза Но-шпы при тонусе матки

Treatment of the high tone can be carried out in the case when a woman's body lacks progesterone. In this case, appointed special hormonal spark. Also separately it is necessary to select a tool that copes with spasm almost 100% of cases - but-shpa. It can be pills, suppositories and injections, which are injected intramuscularly. You can just take 2 tablets shpy and everything goes.

But again, without healing effects, it is necessary to pay attention to the cause. In pregnancy, the treatment can be made for reducing the activity of the uterus. Mainly use:

  1. 25% solution of magnesium sulfate.
  2. Partusisten, Bricanyl, Ginipral - these drugs are prescribed during pregnancy to 16 weeks.

Do not neglect the manual, since any medicine has its contraindications. They can cause various allergic reactions. There may also be problems with the heart muscle.

The first thing to pay attention to is the negative influence on the formation of the fetus. Increased tone causes hypoxia and brain of the child does not get enough oxygen. It can cause irreversible changes in foetal development.

It starts to lag in its formation and the result will be a loss of nutrients from the mother's body.

If you neglect the pain, it may serve to increase the likelihood of premature birth or worse, miscarriage.

In case of pain in the abdomen should immediately consult a specialist, who will make the necessary provisions. Timely diagnosis and treatment will protect the fruit from the development of pathologies. Before drug treatment, it is necessary to examine the statement to determine possible allergens.


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