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Of prostate tumors (carcinoma and others): causes, symptoms, treatment

Tumor of the prostate is a malignant tumor that is localized in the epithelial cells of the alveolar elements.

The prostate is a major organ that regulates the function of the male reproductive and urinary systems. She cuff encircles the urethra in its initial section. The prostate gland produces 30% of semen. In addition, the prostate is involved in the act of ejaculation, and it affects retention of urine.

Carcinoma of the prostate is a dangerous disease, as it can cause metastasis, like any other cancer. According to the statistics of malignant neoplasms in the prostate gland occur in 1 out of 7 men over the age of 45-50 years. Exactly prostate cancer is one of the most common causes of death in older men.

Causes and risk factors

As mentioned above, a malignant tumor of the prostate most often formed in men around the age of 50 years and without timely treatment can lead to extensive metastases and death. And the risk group includes patients with a high level of "hormone of masculinity" - testosterone. In his youth, his high amount associated with men's temperament, strength, ability to impregnate a woman, but in adulthood can be dangerous for men. The higher the testosterone level, the higher the likelihood of disease and the harder and faster it flows.

Консультация врача

The treatment of carcinoma of the involved oncologist. He picks up an individual treatment depending on a man's age, stage of disease, the presence and development of metastases.

Surgical excision of the tumor is carried out if the tumor had not yet metastasized. At this stage, the operation leads to full recovery.

Drug treatment includes a range of hormones that block testosterone. This reduces the speed of tumor development and metastasis. Hormones do not cure the patient completely, but allow as long as possible to maintain remission.

During radiation therapy, a tumor is irradiated, which also slows its growth and reduces the risk of developing metastases. Complete cure radiation therapy does not, like and hormonal.

There is a special method of radiation therapy is brachytherapy. It is a treatment in which the affected area of the gland radioactive iodine in special granules. While the tumor receives a high dose of radiation and the healthy bodies of men are almost not affected.

Such treatment is possible in the initial stages of cancer, when the cancer has not spread to other organs.

Is there a prevention?

It is impossible to protect yourself from cancer by 100%,but to reduce the risks, it is better to avoid adverse factors. Carcinoma of the prostate, like cancer in any other location may be associated with Smoking, alcohol, obesity.

It is advisable to adhere to a vegetable diet, and to minimize the consumption of animal fats. It is recommended that men eating soy is a great measure of prevention, since soy contains phytoestrogens, which reduces the level of testosterone to an acceptable level. Vitamins A and E, which are rich in plant foods, help the body fight carcinogens.

Physical activity, which helps to increase metabolism, is also an important preventive measure. Be healthy!!!