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Causes, symptoms and treatment of cysts of the prostate in men

A cyst of the prostate may provoke in men is the appearance of prostatitis. The danger of this disease lies in the fact that in the initial stages it is quite difficult to diagnose.


What is a cystic formation?

A cyst of the prostate, like any other the same education, is limited by the cavity in the body, which is filled with liquid coming from neighboring tissues. This hollow formation can occur in almost any organ of the human body. Quite often a cyst of the prostate leads to prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia. In modern society, about 1/5 of the total male population suffers from these diseases. Although there are opposite situations when a cyst of the prostate appears as a result of the flowing of the adenoma.

As noted above, the risk of hollow formations in the region of the prostate gland is that in the beginning of the disease, they practically do not cause discomfort for the sick person. They can be identified by a qualified specialist after the ultrasound or conduct a rectal examination of his patient.

Лечение кисты простатыThus truly formed the cyst may have inflammatory and non-inflammatory nature. If the patient is diagnosed with non-inflammatory process of the void formation, to cause its appearance can various injuries and mechanical damage in the groin area. As the inflammatory process occurs as a result of various infectious diseases.

Features of therapy

In that case, if the doctors diagnosed the patient, the presence of cysts on the prostate gland, to defer its treatment is not necessary, because it can lead to loss of male power. Initially conduct diagnosis of the sick person, which will help to identify the stage of the disease and the degree of its severity.

First assigned to medical therapy, with the selection of essential drugs should be performed only by the attending physician. The choice of medicines is done on the basis of diagnostic data of the defective organ. In that case, when the patient notes a sharp pain, this suggests that it is the compression of the urinary canals. To eliminate such effects shall be taken alpha-blockers. Among them are proven Phentolamine and Tropodifen. Infectious inflammation should be eliminated with antibiotics (Doxycycline, Roxithromycin, or Erythromycin).

If there is a danger of further increase of the cyst, then use the method of surgical intervention.Access to the damaged body in this case can be carried out through the urethra, perineum, rectum, or peritoneum.

In the initial stages of the disease the treatment can be performed folk remedies. To do this, using an alcohol infusion of the leaves of burdock. Very effective is the vodka infusion of the shells from the walnuts. But we must not forget that such treatment must be carried out only under the supervision of qualified professionals. This will help to avoid complications.