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What could be the allocation of cystitis in women and men?

Allocation cystitis can be quite common, but this characteristic is not the only manifestation of the disease. There are many reasons that provoke cystitis. The disease is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder. Cystitis is considered a purely feminine disease, which can arise due to the particular structure of the genital organs (of men this disease rarely bothers).

Cystitis occurs as a result of violations of the microflora of the vagina, it can occur after defloration, during which vaginal microflora gets into the urethra.

Sometimes the disease appears as a result of hormonal disorders, for circulatory disorders of the pelvic organs, as a result of low immunity, as well as shortness of excretion of urine.

The symptoms and treatment of cystitis

Cystitis in women is frequent urination, especially urination, after which there is a scanty discharge of urine. After completion of urination, a woman may feel pain in the abdomen. The allocation of cystitis, as a rule, different. They may be purulent with a very unpleasant smell, brown or mixed with blood. To confirm the diagnosis, you need to go to the doctor, and, as soon as possible. The examination will need to pass a series of tests: a doctor prescribes urinalysis, seeding on microflora sensitivity to antibiotics, blood tests. The examination is visual inspection, which revealed other signs of illness.

Схема цистита

It often happens that the woman finds in himself the first symptoms of the disease, however, does not know what to do. She listens to the advice of inexperienced friends, who are advised to take antibiotics, after consulting with the pharmacist. When taking the right medicine symptoms of cystitis will reduce, but after some time the disease to worsen. Such "calm" and exacerbations may last for many years, and it will deliver the strongest discomfort, affecting the quality of life of women. There is a frequent urge to urinate, a woman will avoid sexual contact with a loved one. This condition, such as cystitis can last a very long time. The symptoms of this ailment that exacerbated, attenuated. If the disease appears in exacerbations more than two times per year, we can talk about the chronic form.

For the treatment of cystitis, the doctor prescribes antispasmodics, special drugs for pain relief; also prescribed antihistamines, hormonal agents. The patient must undergo physical therapy that involves treatment with electrophoresis, treatment of mud and paraffin therapy. Treatment of cystitisaimed at restoring the microflora of the vagina and keeping it in healthy condition. The patient requires supervision by a doctor.

The main causes of the disease

Among gynecological reasons should indicate dysbacterisos vagina or infectious inflammation (colpitis). When the vagina is normal, it contains Lactobacillus, closely interacting with a certain number of bifidobacteria and other microorganisms. When a woman is healthy, her vagina bacteria are controlled by each other, it prevents the alien, malicious microbes. As a result of violations of the vagina can develop a yeast infection, vaginosis, vaginitis.

In bacterial vaginosis there are such symptoms as profuse mucous discharge with an unpleasant odor. Symptom of bacterial vaginosis is an unpleasant sensation during intercourse. With regard to the nature of the symptoms, they can be expressed clearly or more faintly. If there is obesity, there occurs itching of the vagina, there is a burning sensation. The allocation of cystitis and colpitis are in the form of pus. In case of untimely treatment of these disease symptoms are exacerbated. Face it, what are the complications of cystitis. Infection, which is located in the bladder can penetrate into the kidneys, then is pyelonephritis characterized by inflammation of renal tissue. At this disease function of the kidneys is disturbed. After treatment of pyelonephritis should take measures to restore the normal microflora of the vagina and intestines. Thus, we can reduce the occurrence of cystitis and of pyelonephritis in the future.

Preventive measures

The prevention of disease must be observed in any age, especially in children. First and foremost, it should be reliable to protect yourself from hypothermia: do not sit on cold stones, or any other cold surfaces, it is important to avoid hypothermia in the water. In the winter don't wear short skirts, keep yourself warm. To prevent disease you should drink more liquids: you can drink Otar hips or clean water without gas. You should make every effort to get rid of diseases of an infectious nature. It is important to check its condition at the doctor-gynecologist. Try not to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Ate do you have a sedentary job, you need to get up, move more and exercise.

For prevention of cystitis should follow the diet, eat right and not overeat. If there is a violation of the chair - there are problems with the bladder. It is worth remembering about it. You need to regularly wash and use wet wipes, toilet paper should not be rude. During menstruation it is better to use shims to change them shouldon a regular basis. For prevention of cystitis should be time to go to the toilet and not have to endure. It is advisable to engage in moderate, regular sex life without excessive activity and a long abstinence.