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Causes, symptoms and treatment of acute cystitis with blood in women and men

Cystitis with blood is a pretty common disease which is found not only in women but also in men. Susceptible to cystitis and children.

Inflammation is accompanied by many symptoms. Ill, the person feels a constant desire to empty the bladder. Impulses arise, one after another. The disease is accompanied by chills, strong, sometimes even cutting pain that is felt in the lower abdomen. The urine secreted in the blood.

With the disease of severely inflamed the mucous membrane of the body. Cystitis blood can cause ailments of men, although many people think that this disease is most common in women.

Blood in the urine can appear at any stage of the disease, not necessarily at the end. If you look at the color of the urine, its color range is very wide. It can be pale pink, with severe inflammation, it changes to a dirty brown. Sometimes appear in the urine blood clots, may cause stinking smell. This is also called hemorrhagic cystitis.


The presence of blood in cystitis becomes a sign that you need to see a doctor. Causes of disease may be different, but the patient must immediately take action.

Температура - симптом цистита

Although cystitis can occur with pain of varying intensity, to all persons who have an illness, you must comply with bed rest. Drinking plenty of fluids will help eliminate bacteria from the body. It is recommended to drink fruit drinks and compotes. Effective extracts from herbs, mineral water without gas.

Fluid should be at least 1.5 - 2 liters per day.

Diuretic herbs have a beneficial effect on inflamed organ, since many collections have anti-inflammatory effect. Patients report that teas help reduce discomfort when urinating. Herbal teas can be purchased in pharmacies. In the many fees is bearberry, cowberry leaves, field horsetail.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics only when cystitis with bacterial based. In addition, doctors must prescribe the means, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. If blood in the urine a lot, will help styptic. Treatment should be accompanied with the vitamin.

It is impossible to warm the stomach cystitis with blood. If the urinary tract was clogged with blood clots, the doctor uses tools to remove them.