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Rational therapy of cystitis when breastfeeding

Many mothers after childbirth faced with a disease such as cystitis while breastfeeding, treatment of which is complicated by the presence of a child and the necessity of feeding him high-quality milk.

In General, understanding cystitis - inflammation of urinary tract. The causative agent of cystitis may be Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus saprophytic, fungi, chlamydia and Mycoplasma. Microbes strike first the urethra and then the bladder, accumulating in the mucosa and causing inflammation. The causative agents of cystitis can be infected from the external environment, which further complicates treatment.

Causes of cystitis in pregnant women

Cystitis during pregnancy, identified in breast-feeding mothers treated with great caution because there is great risk to harm the baby. In principle, bacteria and microbes, contributing to the development of cystitis in lactating women, are in the female body continuously, but labor greatly weaken the immune system, resulting in harmful micro-organisms begin to develop in greater numbers.

Стационарное лечение цистита

Tincture to wheat. Millet is very good for cystitis. To prepare the tincture you will need half a Cup of washed millet and three glasses of water.

Bay water millet, you should give the tincture to brew for 12 hours, strain and take three times a day in an amount of 0.5 cups.

Broth hips, cranberry juice, and cranberry juice. The use of all the above, collectively or individually, relieves the symptoms of cystitis for several days.

A decoction of the flowers and leaves of St. John's wort. St. John's wort is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. To prepare the broth should take 2-3 tablespoons St. John's wort and pour 2 cups of water. To drink instead of tea.

Help in the treatment of cystitis chamomile, Heather, bearberry and yarrow. In any pharmacy you can buy herbal teas, possessing diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

The duration of treatment and herbal herbs should not be less than a month. Own a nursing mother to appoint a treatment should not be better both for her and for the child if it is time to treat the problem to the doctor and will follow his recommendations.

It is critical to begin treatment as soon as possible, preferably immediately after birth to take the necessary preventive measures. Left without treatment, the inflammatory process can attack the kidney, which will require the passage of additional medical procedures and complete abandonment of breastfeeding because the drugs used to restore the renal activities very dangerous for the baby.

The decision not to pay attention to pain whenurinating is not the best, because the woman did not want to rest after giving birth, she urgently need to talk about their problems with the doctor, and he, in turn, should be taken for treatment.