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Causes, symptoms and treatments of acute cystitis in women and men

Acute cystitis is inflammatory process of the mucosa of the bladder. According to statistics, the disease at least once in life to face each 3rd woman. Most often, acute eczema suffer ladies from 20 to 40 years. Cystitis may also develop, and the representatives of the male population, but most often it affects of women.

If you are diagnosed with this disease patients can not lead a normal life and suffer from many unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, to delay the treatment is not worth it. The earlier they are started, the more chances of speedy recovery. If time does not begin treatment, cystitis can become chronic.

Causes of the painful condition

The causes of cystitis are very diverse. However, most often symptoms appear on the background lesions of the mucous membrane of the bladder, any infection. Cause development of this disease are bacteria, fungi, viruses, Mycoplasma and parasites. Pathogenic microorganisms can enter the bladder in the following ways:

  1. Hematogenous infection spread to the blood through the blood vessels.
  2. Direct - acute cystitis develops from the opening in the bladder ulcers from nearby organs.
  3. Ascending - when promiscuous and failure to comply with elementary rules of hygiene, the bacteria in the urinary system can get through the urethra.
  4. Downside - infection is possible in presence of inflammatory process in the kidneys.
  5. Lymphogenous - organisms get into the bladder through the lymphatic vessels flow of lymph.

Причины развития цистита

Traditional medicine

Folk medicine has long established itself with a good hand in the fight against many diseases. Cystitis is no exception.

  1. How to treat this disease rosehip?

From hips at home you can prepare a decoction. 4 tbsp finely chopped roots of wild rose should be boiled in 1 liter of hot water for 15 minutes. After this decoction should strain and cool. Drinking such a potion should be 4 p per day for 0.5 cups before eating.

  1. Unpleasant symptoms of cystitis can be treated with infusion of buds of poplar.

2 tbsp finely chopped buds of black poplar needs to be steamed in 2 cups of boiling water for about 2 hours to Make 3 R in day on 150 ml before meals.

  1. Equally effective alcohol-based tincture of the buds of the black poplar.

100 g of crushed raw materials must be kept for 2 weeks in 0.5 l of 70% alcohol. The infusion should strain and drink 20 drops in 1/3 glass of warm milk 3 times a day

Symptoms of cystitis can be eliminated by using a decoction of leaves of cowberry - 2 tsp. of cranberries, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, keep onheat for 15 minutes, drain and cool. The resulting infusion should be drunk in small SIPS. Desired results appear after 15-20 days.

What to do for painful urination? It will help a decoction of chamomile flowers and horsetail. These plants should be mixed in the same amount and pour in a jar of S0,5 liters of boiling water. Need to insist 6 hours, then strain. The day you should drink at least 3 cups of broth.

What to do if there is mucus in the urine? Another popular question. In this case, helps broth sage. To prepare 50 g of sage, you need to finely chop, pour 350 ml of hot water and soar in the oven for 2 hours to Take in the cold for 120 ml 3 times a day for 14 days.

Before the treatment of acute cystitis, you must first find out the reasons for the development of symptoms. To determine the real cause of this disease can only be a specialist. Using folk remedy for cystitis need to be very careful as they are often the cause of Allergy development.