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What is the danger of uterine tone (hypertonicity) in pregnancy for the fetus and mother?

The dangerous tone of the uterus during pregnancy? This question is often relevant to many women in the state. As for women not giving birth, it is useful to know what is fraught with consequences of uterine hypertonicity, and what it is.

Description of pathology

Hypertonus of the uterus is considered to be its involuntary contractions. To thoroughly understand the causes of this phenomenon and understand how dangerous the tone of the uterus, we must consider the device of the uterus.

The muscular tissue of the uterus consist of three layers: perimetry or the serous membrane that constitutes the upper layer in the form of a thin film; myometrium - consists of smooth muscle fibers and connective tissue; the endometrium - the inner mucous layer. The contraction of muscle fibers of the middle layer leads to increased tone and pressure in the uterus.

Causes increase in uterine tone

The modern pace and nature of life often cause psychological stress. They constantly support the nervous system in tension, which leads to a chronic anxiety condition. Often it becomes the cause of excessive tension in the muscles of the uterus. In a calm state of such phenomena is not observed, the uterus is in normotone, and pregnancy to the fetus flows safely.

Диагностика гипертонуса матки

Talk about stress. Often in the human brain is generated a certain keynote - the main idea, all the resources of life going on its implementation. This idea is common to many pregnant women - be sure to keep the fetus, it is a natural instinct. The state of healthy stress stimulates the production of necessary hormones. It is progesterone, estrogen, or adrenaline, which supports the entire body in good shape, increasing its protective reaction. But if experiences are too frequent and severe, it will quickly Deplete the resources of life, and this is unacceptable for a pregnant body and will harm the fetus. Just an indicator of this condition is excessive strain of the uterus. Powerful stress and is capable of - it may cause loss of the fetus - miscarriage, which naturally is unacceptable.

Symptoms of pathology

Is it possible to define it yourself? Yes, it's easy to understand for the typical, pressure, pain and feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen. But in the initial stages is quite normal, should take this into account. Besides, a sign of hypertonicity can serve as a systematic hemorrhage. But if they are rare and minor, it is not necessary to give it value. Characterized by a General feeling of discomfort, because the fruit of hypertonicity of the uterus also felt the full extent of what he was trying to signal.

What threatens the fetus hypertonicity?

The threat ispossible miscarriage.

A strong contraction of the walls of the uterus may expel the fetus or cause hypoxia - the lack of air.

Besides, abortion is dangerous for the mother, because accompanied by heavy bleeding. In addition, it will cause a deep, emotional experiences that will negatively impact on future possibilities of getting pregnant. Maybe without the help of a therapist do not succeed. Hypertonicity also affects the hormonal background, and this has a negative impact on attempts at pregnancy in the future. It is important to understand that the tension of the walls of the uterus is a symptom of more serious problems in the body.

Treatment and prevention

In the first place, that will be useful to both mother and fetus is at rest. Positively affect the tone of the uterus sedatives and antispasmodics. Would also be useful hormonal products based on progesterone, it is quite effective in the early stages of pregnancy. Further development is recommended only for the strong antispasmodics, in particular, 25% solution of magnesium. But it is worth considering that they may not be perceived by the fetus, and cause undesirable effects such as rapid heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, headache etc. Is, of course, is highly undesirable for the fetus. Therefore, to prevent the high tone of the uterus it is better to master the technique of proper relaxation.

It is important to learn to relax, it will be beneficial to the body and to the fetus. How is it done? You must take a comfortable position, to put yourself in a good mood - the result will certainly be felt.

After relaxing the hands, then legs, then face, then released the chest and abdomen, it is done in a deep breath. The cycle repeats five times. It is important to try to constantly be in a state of mental rest, as already mentioned, the fruit was very keenly feels the mother's mood and her body responds to emotional changes also acute. In addition, one should pay attention to healthy nutrition, it directly affects the hormonal background.