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Types of violations ejaculation: rapid ejaculation and other forms of

Rapid ejaculation can occur at each. The reasons are many. The cause may be disease of the genitourinary system, mental disorders, stress, fatigue, lifestyle and nutrition. Also influence premature ejaculation frequent Masturbation, free-sex, the high sensitivity of penis head.

Abnormal ejaculation can be regular, and may occur from time to time. If the condition occurs constantly, you should consult with your doctor, perhaps there are any anatomical abnormalities. The frequency of early ejaculation shall not be a danger, as can occur in healthy men.

Of course, rapid ejaculation adversely affects the status of the partner. She is not experiencing enough pleasure from sexual intercourse. Therefore, the problem of quick ejaculation will reveal some of the nuances of this condition and its solutions. Believe that your problem can be overcome. Often it happens when an orgasm occurs without ejaculation, ejaculation without orgasm.

The causes of early ejaculation

On the causes of early ejaculation was mentioned in passing above, but is worth looking into this in more detail. Abnormal ejaculation is most often associated with the following problems:

  1. Diseases of the urinary organs.
  2. Constant voltage stress, which comes from fatigue.
  3. The high sensitivity of the penis, from which there is a rapid orgasm.
  4. The cause may be mental and psychological state, for example, lack of a good sex.
  5. Poor awareness and inability to satisfy the partner.

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Of course, you need to understand that the process in all individual. For women it is of great importance. Normal duration of sex for them to be 11 minutes or more. But with short intercourse, both partners can experience orgasm, then the issue of early ejaculation disappears by itself. But if he's worried about both man and woman should try to change the situation.

Diagnosis of disorders

Initial diagnosis of the disease is possible by questioning the patient and ascertain the true causes of this state. It is better if the doctor's office will visit both partners. Usually the lack of ejaculation is manifested by the symptom of another disease. If so, then the doctor will prescribe medical examination, rectal diagnostics, ultrasound examination. The urine and blood tests give important information about the General state of men's health, where it is possible to identify the infectious cause of this condition. Sometimes assessment of blood supplythe penis.

Methods to slow ejaculation

If your problem is temporary, it is necessary to master Kegel exercises for men. A range of exercises aimed at training the pubic-coccygeal muscles. What gradually appears the ability to delay ejaculation and duration of orgasm. In other cases, if a man is lazy or there are indications you can buy special drugs to eliminate this problem.

Medical facilities

Generic Dapoxetine. This drug is an analogue of the more expensive and better known means of Priligy. According to manufacturers, during prima this drug the occurrence of orgasm in men will be arrested and polloi act will last 4 times longer.

But it is not necessary is irresponsible to use this tool, there is a special plan for using Generic Dapoxetine. According to her 1таблетку (30 or 60 mg) was taken 1 hour before intercourse, its effect will then last up to 10-12 hours. If you strictly follow the instructions, then side effects should not occur, but long-term use, up to 5 months, it will achieve the maximum positive result.

In addition, the Generic Dapoxetine is quite compatible with any kind of stimulating drug (absence of ejaculation), incidentally, which are produced by the same manufacturer. To eat while taking medication is as always, except that alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum, as it leads to the braking effect of the drug.

This tool is able to suppress the depression, so additional impacts on the body include:

  • relaxing effect;
  • stress, fatigue, irritability, this intercourse becomes the highest quality.

The drug is prescribed and if there is a lack of ejaculation. In some cases a test with lidocaine. This test enables to determine the sensitivity of the glans penis. It is held as follows: directly before sex, apply to the head of the penis anesthetic in gel form or aerosol.

Other ways

There are other medications that can be prescribed by a doctor. For example:

  1. Lovelace. It increases the potency in men.
  2. Super Tadarayz. Has the same properties.
  3. STUD 5000 Super P-force, Super Zhewitra is a special sprays for enhancing sexual arousal not only men but also women.

In addition to medicines, there are special techniques of the physiological plan that helps delay premature ejaculation. For example, during intercourse, after the introduction of the penis into the vagina will stop the process. This will remove excessive arousal may be excitement, but the woman is not affected. Also ifsqueeze the penis the glans ejaculating, its not going to happen.

Remember that the treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician, he will pick the right way to get rid of this problem. The important role played by the revision of their rhythm of life. It is necessary to properly combine a time of rest and labor, to revise the diet, calmly respond to tough situations. Sexual contact should be with a condom. If the moment of orgasm came in a long time, it indicates a hypersensitivity of the penis.