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Is it possible to properly massage the prostate with your hands at home?

If you want a prostate massage with their hands, how to do the procedure right? The question that should interest many men over age 50 who care about their health. Disease of the prostate gland in these men - a phenomenon very common, but not all of them are eager to take action, and even more to see a doctor. They somehow think that it's a personal question, who are ashamed to speak to anyone. This approach to the problem is completely wrong and can lead to big trouble.

One of the methods that should make even the most shy men is prostate massage. Is it possible to do massage at home? This question has a simple answer: not only possible, but necessary. Another thing, how to make prostate massage? This question can help the recommendations tested in practice.

The essence of the problem

Prostate gland or prostate is an important male organ that forms part of semen; takes the role of the valve in erection to block the receipt of urine. It passes through the initial portion of the urethra. Iron is placed in the center of the pelvis, covers the bladder neck and proximal urethra, and its apical part is bordered by the pelvic diaphragm, which is the external sphincter of the urethra, primary valve function.Медицинские перчатки обязательное условие для массажа простаты

The treatment begins with a light stroking touch of a finger. This is followed by a smooth circular effect, and it should be alternated with stroking movements. Scheme massage: massaged alternately one and then the next fraction of on in the direction of the efferent ducts from the top down and from the peripheral zone to the Central sulcus, is located between the prostatic lobes.

Stress at mechanical influence is assessed for consistency of the prostate. Tight as the pressure can be increased, but soft must be reduced. Massage completed holding your finger on the Central sulcus. Duration of massage actions is aged in the range of 1.5-3 minutes. It is normally recommended to carry out the procedure every day or with a total number of 12-16.

Should be massage and seminal vesicles located in the terminal zone of the prostate. This allows you to send a portion of the seminal fluid in the prostatic ducts. For the timely removal of it after the event, you should quickly empty your bladder.

Using a hardware method

Currently it is available for the home treatment of prostatic pathologies special massagers. The use of suchapparatus to better align with the doctor. The device is based on the different mechanism of action, and only a doctor can help you correctly choose the right camera.


Massager "Carboprost uses for the massage effect by compressed air. For this rectal tube inserted the instrument through which air is supplied for 4-7 minutes. The filing is the latest portions with periodic pauses for 1-2 minutes. Device "Androgyne" is based on the technology electrolatino magnetic therapy. The physical therapy effect is achieved by neurostimulation and magnetic effects on prostatic muscle in the radiation of the neural currents. The laser works massager for prostate YAROVIT. Modern massage techniques are provided by the apparatus of the CMB with the effect of microwave therapy.

The specificity of the jets

Self prostate massage can be carried out according to the principle of massage. The procedure is recommended in the evening for 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. She performed in the following order:

  1. The cleaning of the intestine by the procedure described above.
  2. The solution is prepared in the form of decoction of chamomile with the addition furatsilina (1 g per 5 l) or potassium permanganate (1 g per 1 liter).
  3. Enema is injected the prepared solution in the amount of 0.4-0.5 l, but so that he emerged from.
  4. Kept solution in the cavity of the rectum for at least 30 minutes, after which it can be removed.

The treatment course lasts for 12-14 sessions. Prostate massage with your own hands is an effective way to normalize the function of the prostate gland, if it is done properly and regularly. Modern devices allow to increase the efficiency of the massage effect, but in the absence of treatment devices can provide a manual method yourself at home.