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Effective treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia at home

Is it possible to cure benign prostatic hyperplasia at home? Today, traditional medicine is increasingly part of our everyday life. With its help, many diseases can be cured or at least ease them. How to cure BPH?

In the fight against this disease for many years using the bark of aspen. And going in the last week of April. At home in the oven it needs to be dried. Next, the ground mixture (about 100 grams), pour in a jar and pour the vodka, completely covering the bark. Close tightly and put on 2 weeks in a dark place. Before taking to pump fluid and take before food three times a day 20 drops, previously diluted with water (1/4 Cup).

The home treatment of prostatitis can be done by using an alcohol tincture of mistletoe. This requires finely chopped mistletoe in a jar, pour 0.5 liters of vodka and add to the finished grass. During the month, this infusion needs to stand in a dark place. Month to drink a small spoon before meals with water. After a month break, you can repeat the course.

Good results are also obtained treatment microclimate. In the water you need to add 5 drops sea buckthorn or fir oil. To do these enemas every day for a month. Then take a break for 2-3 months and repeat.

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Eat seafood (herring, shrimp, etc.), they are rich in zinc and selenium.

Garlic and onions are good helpers in the fight against the disease, they stimulate blood circulation, purify the blood vessels.

You need to eat celery, parsnip, parsley and mustard. These products are responsible for proper cell division.

Prevent inflammation products containing vitamins of group B. It's brown rice, chicken and spinach.

Spice things up with linseed oil. It stops the growth of the prostate tissue.

To reduce the level of hormone responsible for prostate growth, you need to exercise. Jogging, aerobics, dancing, basketball, badminton, swimming, strength training. Take your pick. But physical activity is necessary by all means. It stabilizes the metabolism and restore hormonal balance.