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What causes and how to cure prostatitis?

How to cure prostatitis when the disease overtook the man? Prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate gland. This means that the male body this disease poses a serious threat. The prostate produces a secret, which is one of the main components of semen. It promotes semen and takes her outside. During sexual excitement it covers the urethra, the ejaculation occurs, it occurs intercourse. In addition, the hormone - prostaglandin.

The lack of treatment leads to serious consequences: it disrupted the work of the genitourinary system, there is pain and discomfort.

The causes and forms of prostatitis

Based on the symptoms and ways of infection, prostatitis is divided into several forms:

  • sharp;
  • chronic bacterial;
  • chronic non-bacterial;
  • asymptomatic.

The occurrence of a disease associated with pathogenic microorganisms which may get into this area in several ways:

  • with the help of blood or lymph;
  • from the urethra;
  • as a result of inflammatory processes in other organs.

Малоподвижный образ жизни как причина простатита

Proper nutrition and getting rid of bad habits

These components are present in the treatment of any disease, including this applies to the prostatitis. The diet should be enriched plant food and lactic acid. Fatty, fried, salty and smoked foods adversely affect bladder function, which is inflamed. It contributes to the stagnation of fluid in the body.

In the treatment process, it is necessary to refuse from alcohol and Smoking. These components reduce the protective function of the organism and create a favorable environment for pathogen development. Once successfully cured prostatitis does not guarantee immunity from its recurrence.

Thus, how quickly a man can get rid of the disease, depends on it. The implementation of the recommendations and the use of medicines can give success in 1-2 weeks. In the future will need to avoid infections and lead a full sexual life, exercise, eat right, do not abuse alcohol. These simple rules can protect man from many unpleasant moments.

People have this opinion that chronic prostatitis is incurable. And irritable man often called the "ProStation". This is because the constant pain, lack of erection, lack of sex affects not only physical health, but also on the nervous system. Experts argue that the prostatitis of anynature is treated, most importantly, you need the right approach. So do not delay your visit to the doctor, do not self-medicate and do not start the disease!