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Anatomical features of the prostate gland in men

One of the most important organs of the male urogenital system - prostate. Where the prostate is, everyone should know the representative of the stronger sex. In addition to the urination, this gland has the function of regulating sexual capabilities they include and the main - the ability to conceive a child.

Normal anatomy men

Health - the main and the most precious thing we have, so everyone should know their anatomy. Now a lot of people are turning to doctors with lots of problems and diseases of different nature.

The main and most common problem in the male reproductive system are prostate disease. It is very scary, but not all know where the prostate is and what the first thing to look for when you suspect the presence of disease. Accordingly, not all know whether their health complaints to the disease associated with the prostate.

It is only men of iron, so women it is not. Because of the functions assigned to this gland, it is called the "second man's heart".

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The main purpose of the secretory function:

  1. Effect on sperm quality, which depends on the gland secreted by the prostatic secretion.
  2. The production of active substances responsible for erection and the blood flow to the urinary organs.
  3. Synthesizing male sex hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and prostate specific antigen.

A curious detail is that the prostate is responsible for creating pleasurable sensations during sex. This is because the prostate has a highly developed independent system of nerve endings.

Access to the prostate and methods of its research

The prostate gland is an organ, and, unlike most other authorities, access to simply. Is possible to almost direct research, as it is very close to the wall of the rectum, a few centimeters of the anal sphincter.

Thus, become available for such studies:

  • biopsy under ultrasound control;
  • transrectal ultrasound;
  • rectal massage with fingers;
  • Use of MRI with rectal coil;
  • warming;
  • the vibratory;
  • electrical stimulation;
  • enter drugs: creams, injections and suppositories.

But we can approach the prostate from the other side, namely through the urethra. This method is more complicated, but for some purposes it is necessary to penetration. For example, thus produce minimally invasive surgeries that are needed for a known disease, such as BPH.

Now that it is clear where the prostate is in menconsider the complaint that due to her illness. All the symptoms can be divided into three groups.

Painful urination, sometimes with sharp pains and a burning sensation during the process. Insufficient pressure jet and the evacuation inconclusive, which delivers significant discomfort. More frequent urge to go to the toilet especially aggravated at night.

Violation of sexual opportunities, often even infertility. Premature ejaculation, the staleness of sensations and erectile dysfunction in General. Also one of the symptoms of this group is to delay ejaculation, but it is very rare. These symptoms are caused by the change in the composition of prostatic secretion.

Sharp pain starting from back and finishing the area around the prostate may also occur in the groin, perineum, penis and even the rectum. How strong the pain depends on the form of the disease.